Stay or Quit?

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Jika kamu sedang merasa bimbang, apakah harus bertahan atau meninggalkan pekerjaanmu saat ini, beberapa kicauan Rene Suhardono (@ReneCC) dengan tagar #CareerSnippet berikut mungkin bisa sedikit memberi cahaya terang untukmu-dan Saya-.

Staying or quitting is a personal choice. Your job is a tool while your career is you

Never force yourself to stay/quit simply because you have to. Know the why & the what shall follow

Among the worst decision to quit: money, benefits, title & anger

Never ask people whether you should stay or quit. People are not you. Listen to yourself first

Stay/quit: do you know why you are doing what you are doing? Know the nature of the work & yourself

Stay/quit: which one is your work >> seizing opportunity, solving problem or adding value? Very bad if you can’t tell

Stay/quit: do you have anything else better to do? (never about the money or title, please)

Stay/quit: will your work make you to be a better person?

Stay/quit: are you adding values to your surrounding? Is the process better with your presence?

Stay/quit: last but not least – Are you HAPPY?

(7 March 2011, 09:36-09:51)


Written by Bijak F. Putranto

March 7, 2011 at 10:22 am

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