The Tetralogy of Laskar Pelangi

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The Tetralogy of Laskar Pelangi is four-series Novel that is created by a brand new novelist, Andrea Hirata Seman. Although at this moment, there are just three novel released, Laskar Pelangi, Sang Pemimpi and Edensor, the existence of the novel really makes a new history in Indonesia literature. The three of them got the “National Best Seller” predicate,not only in Indonesia, but also in Malaysia. And, the last series, entitled Maryamah Karpov, is still a secret about when will be released.

The author, Andrea Hirata himself, is not a profesional novelist. He even never writes a short story. He just likes literature. At present time, he still works in the navel office of PT Telekomunikasi Indonesia, Bandung. He just writes in a spare time. Even, the first novel-Laskar Pelangi- was written only in three weeks. How come Andrea can makes a best-seller novel easily?? The secret is in honesty. Indeed, the story of Laskar Pelangi are inspired by his own life story, as if Andrea was writing a diary.

Actually, what thing that makes Laskar Pelangi unique? Several national figures and medias gave testimony to this masterpiece. Majority, they agree that Laskar Pelangi is such of inspiring novel. Because, the story tell us about how to transform our disability to be a great power, not to surrender, and to manage our big dreams. It also tell us the importance of education, even for the poor people. Otherwise, the story also tell us how to know the meaning of love. Not only love for our spouse, but also for parents, family, friends, and teachers. Entirely, this tetralogy gives us a couple of moral messages coming from religious and social value.

The other uniqueness of this novel is the way of describing the space of the event. To get the main point of the story, Andrea needs to explore many things. Even,in some parts of the story, the description of the situation is very detail. Also, the use of scientific term is one of special charateristic in these novel. Not surprising, to describe one thing, sometimes it needs more than one page of book.

Laskar Pelangi, as a first novel, tells us about ten poor kids in Belitong, to be called Laskar Pelangi. They study in a poor Elementary school-SD Muhammadiyah-, which only have ten students, they are Laskar Pelangi. Each of them, has a special characteristic. For example, Lintang who is the smartest. He is really addicted with education. He likes to explore new things. Even, he must takes eighty kilometres vice versa a day to reach the school. Another figure is Mahar who has a talent in art. He has a beautiful imagination to create something. And also, the main figure of this Tetralogy, Ikal. Laskar Pelangi not also kind of literature buku, but also scientific reference. Even, this novel has been a reference to compose recommendation of education policy in Indonesia.

The second novel, Sang Pemimpi, still tells us about life story of Ikal, but not in his childhood with his friends of Laskar Pelangi anymore. The setting is Ikal in his teenage period, with his best friends, Arai and Jimbron. Arai, who is Ikal’s cousin, is a orphan who has a big dream and always has a powerfull spirit. Together with Ikal, they have intention to study abroad. And Jimbron, a special figure who has a strange behaviour, such a kind of sickness, called Obsesive Compulsive. He really likes anything about horse. Every single time, he always talk about horse.

The third novel, Edensor, tells us about story of Ikal and Arai while they study abroad in Paris. In this novel, we can also know about the adventure of Ikal and Arai while they explore Europe and Africa, as a backpacker and street performer. Moving from one country to another country. These is sort of realitation of their past dreams.

Overall, reading tetralogy of Laskar Pelangi, will give us a couple of inspiring story, which can motivate us not to be an ordinary people. We must have big dreams. However, a big dream will produce a big thing.


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August 26, 2008 at 4:53 pm

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